Monday, December 20, 2010


under construction
I wish I saved the tags from this I'm not positive on the thickness/weight.
I'll get the guage soon, and post it.
Needles: 5 mm dpn

i'm going to make another and write down all the instructions as I go along, so I can make sure all the info is other words..DONT do this pattern yet :)

Cast on 48 stitches (16 on each needle)
work 2 rows inthe round
row 3: *knit 7 purl 1* continue from *to* to end of row
Row 4-16: work the same as row 3
Row 17: knit 4, k2tog, *k6, k2tog* work from * to * until 2 stitches remain, k2
Row 18: knit 3, k2tog, *k5, k2tog* continue from * to * until 1 stitch remains, k1

Well, lets try this again

Starting fresh. 

I'll probably use this blog for most of my knitting/patterns.  So enjoy, and share with friends :)