Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garden garden how do you grow

With Water and Sunshine and lots of Love, that's how!!!well, it's still pretty's become cold poor plants :(  today wasn't so bad, and I had one of my little helpers watering plants, while the other l'il helper was at school.
on the deck here I have tomato, Stevia, Orange(what she's watering at the moment and whats LEFT of it boo hoo hoo) and apples!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yoga Pants tutorial(kids/toddlers)

This is a picture tutorial on how I made my daughters yoga pants (she is 2) I also made a pair for my 7 yr old!
I used a jersey knit (real stretchy) fabric for them.

1. First, find a pair of pants that fit your child, turn them inside out and lay flat over the fabric. Trace around, leaving a 1/2" seam allowance.  I added 1.5" at the bottom for hem allowance.(cut 4) As I marked in the picture(in yellow) I didn't go all the way up.  I did that because I plan on putting on an extra wide waist band.

2.This is just a picture showing my cut out pants and the original pair.

3. Once the pants are cut out, lay them beside eachother to measure the width of the waist.  These ones are 10.5" on each side.  I will cut the waist band 2" shorter then this.

  • Waist Band  6" wide X 19" long (will be folded in half to make a 3" waist band)
  • Decorative Waist Band (optional)  each piece is 6" wide X 10.5" long
  • If you chose not to do the decorative waist band, skip to photo 7.

5. Open up the waise band and mark 3" down from the top. this is where you will place the top corner of the Decorative waist band, also, mark the center of the waist band to help place the 'other' corners of the decorative waist band.  One side should over lap the other. Pin in place.

6. Fold in half (right sides together) [pin together if you'd like] and trim the edges. the center back seam.

8.Fold in half right side out, and baste the bottom edges together.

9.Now it should look like this :)  Trim where needed if you'd like.

10. Now sew up your pants...Hopefully you know how to do up the outside edges, sew up the inseam, and then up the least that's what I do....if you have a serger, your pants will turn out MUCH nicer then mine..otherwise.I sometimes do a zig zag stich along the inside edges.

11. with right sides together, pin the waist band in place if you chose...I'm a lazy pinner, so I usually only pin at the seams(if I pin at all) I'm still trying to master sewing with knit fabrics though, so I usually need the extra help.  Sew all around, trim if needed....again, I wish I had a serger for this part..but, I just end up zig zagging as well as straight stitching.

12. Flip right side out and stitch along the waist band, you could do a fun decorative stitch, or just a straight stitch, what ever you chose.

13. VOILLA!! pretty waist band! all that is left is to hem up the pants, and put them on!!!

14. They Fit, They Fit!!! and have a nice comfy waist band :)
I would LOVE to see pictures from anyone who decides to use my tutorial!!

If you need ANY help, or I messed up somewhere in my descriptions, please let me know, and I'll try and help out!

If you want to make a pair for a friend and don't have any little pants to trace, let me know and I will send you approx measurements! I have pants of all sizes from nb-size 7

Enjoy :)

80's yoga pants

neaborn size I made
Candy Stripes :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Apple seedlings

I posted previously about sprouting some apple seeds...well, two of them have been potted...and on sunny days they grow rapidly...I can't belive how fast actually.
here are some fairly recent photos of them

Yoga pants

I am awesome!!!

okay, I'm not conceited..but, these pants came out great!!! I traced a pair of Ocean's flared sweat pants..and then used some stretchy jersey knit fabric to make the pants...I played with the waist band to give it some character..I'm sure there's an easier way to do it, and I can't wait until I figure it out, lol!!

she's at school right now, so as SOON as she gets home, I'm going to make her try them on.  she's pretty skinny, and the waist band isn't as stretchy as the rest of the pants(I boo boo'd and put the jersey stretch in the wrong direction rrrr), I hope hope hope they fit her

Ocean's yoga pants by mom!

Well...they FIT...a bit tight, but she says they are I'll take her word for it

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Twig Vase

I found this link tonight and think it is perfect....Ocean will LOVE making this...Alisa will love to help find twigs :) and I will love the finished perfect for an outside table..even inside...

anyways, for those is the link

Twig Vase