Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Sheety Hammock + Tutorial

I have been searching everywhere for a hammock, one that doesnt cost and arm and a leg, one that doesn't have TOO big mesh that isn't a waste of money etc....
I was going to crochet one...I was going to try my hand at macrame....but both times, I gave up before I was even 1/3 done....

.so..this morning it was actually sunny outside, and all I wanted was to lay in a hammock and read or knit.

so, I grabbed two Queen sized top sheets from my closet (I never use top sheets) and made a hammock that worked!!!!

Our Hammock :)

Step 1:  Find 2 top sheets (I used queen sized) that you will never want to use as a sheet again!!

Step 2: Fold both in half lengthwise (make sure to get all the wrinkles out)  lay one on top of the other

Step 3: Sew edges might be easiest to baste the edges together by hand first....I didn't do it, and it worked fine for me...but keeping four layers of long fabric together can sometimes be, do as you chose

Step 4: Flip right side out! give it a few shakes...lay it out flat and make sur eyou get the wrinkles out

Step 5: Sew along both sides (top stitch) I went in about 1.5" on each side

Step 6: Fold over the top edge about 6 inches and sew 4-6 rows of straight stitch, *optional zig zag along the edge of the fabric for a more finished look*

Step 7: Do the same as step 6 for the bottom edge

Step 8: Feed a strong rope through the top and bottom edges, make sure you have lots depending on the distance of your trees, tie them securely to your trees and voilla...hammock!!

I haven't tested the weight or anything on this hammock, but, me and my kids fit comfortably in ours
if you're worried about it, add some more rows of stitching in steps 6 and 7 and/or chose a stronger thread.

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