Tuesday, March 22, 2011


OR.....The Vancouver Island Diet

found a great link last night...somehow stumbled upon it...thought it was crazy at first, then, really got into it!!
learned a LOT....and thought i'd share....I need to go to bed as it's after midnight...so, I will elaborate more in the near future...for now...the link


 March: 24th update

so....I guess I have started, in a way...I bought all my 'organic' seeds from local peeps...and have my garden 'germinating'  we got to move them outside yesterday as it was +12 degrees (celcius) WOO HOO

I wish Mangoes grew locally ha ha! or that more people attempted to grow citrus trees, so I could buy some!! If my orange tree ever grows fruit, it won't be for at least 6 more years (from what I've read)  but don't I need two trees??

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