Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ocean has a pet snail, she *rescued* him from our garden, and we have built him a little aquarium home..(I think he is the luckiest happiest snail in the world.  She not only takes REALLY good care of him, she has tamed him....I swear...she can pet him, and he doesnt even suck his little eyes in and hide in his shell..he sits on her microphone while she practices the keyboard. it's funny...well, she has requested a snail stuffed tonight while she lay sleeping, I got to creating..and am SO proud of myself......the ONLY thing I dont like about him, is somehow his body twisted a bit while I was sewing him....but...he stands, and is otherwise adorable!!!
so, here he be

SNAILY...The real Snaily is upside down in the jar...see him?

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