Friday, March 18, 2011


who doesn't like penguins? Well, I have a 2 year old who absolutely LOVES penguins.
I've been playing around more with my sewing machine again. and rather then sticking to my usual...skirts for the kids....pants made from pants, sun hats.....I've decided to try and make toys.
I first made an owl...if you can call it that...the kids like him..I think he's funny looking...(he needs work)

I have been looking up good penguin tuts online, but my printer is out of ink, so, basically I've *looked* at patterns and have somehow figured out how to create it on my own.

Penguin number 1 (first attempt)

Penguins 2 and 3 (Gwen and Rosie)
So, after making and perfecting (almost) my pattern...I realized that I HAVE SAFETY EYES, I completely after the kids goto bed tonight and I get some free time to sew....I'll be making another one with safety eyes, rather then zig zagging (although I'm getting pretty good at zig zagging in circles)

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