Sunday, March 20, 2011


Gramps' birthday me and the girl are off to bake a cake...I try and make all things from scratch, but..I think I got.....3 hours of sleep last night, I am terribly lazy, and therefor...Betty Crocker is making our cake..I'll just make sure it doesnt burn in the oven..Added touch is making our icing..I'll be sure to add the water and butter to the mix though, ha ha....

At least I'll have some farm fresh eggs in the cake!

That makes it THAT much better, doesn't it?!

it got a lot messier

Happy Birthday Gramps....those are balloons lol


  1. I almost peed myself laughing about the balloons.

  2. ha ha..yeah once I took the pic I was like 'um....those don't look much like balloons"