Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's my Party and I'll Dance if I want to...

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!

Today our plans are to enjoy the sunshine......plant our apple seeds (well, at least one is ready to be planted) maybe dig some holes and make our garden plot areas level....and then,...wash our hands, and go to the library :)

and of course at the end of the day...there has to be cake :)

didnt go to the library...did some gardening instead...found a *pet snail* named "him" Snailey.....built him an aquarium....and made some mud...John came home with a cookie monster Ice cream cake...and....the world is a happier place because of it..

I also pinned and sewed my own pants today to take in the waist and seat, and I did a FABULOUS job!! im pretty impressed with my achievements lately!

kids and I spent Earth hour making Shadow puppets on the wall with flashlights....Ocean made a 'snail' lol, and it looked SO good..until Johns wolf came and ate it!

Happy Birthday....Oh my poor Alisa...didn't want her picture taken!! :P

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