Friday, March 18, 2011


Last summer while we were eating some delicioius orange slices, Ocean asked me if the seeds would be able to grow into trees.

I thought it would be impossible for us to do, it's just not something you can do in CANADA.

But, I looked online and found a couple pages explaining how to grow them.  So, we gave it a go.

Here's what we did......

How To Grow An Orange Tree                                                                              

Step 1. Place orange seeds in a cup of water over a night

Step 2. Get a piece of paper towel, get it wet, fold it into 4's and place it inside a ziplock/sandwhich baggie

Step 3. Place seeds on top of the paper towel inside the bag (don't seal the bag)

Step 4. Place the baggie in a warm sunny spot in the house (We placed ours on a window sill)(spray with water if/when needed to keep the paper towel moist)

In a couple days, the seeds should start to open, and you'll see a little green stem or leaf poking through, let it grow until it's about 0.5 cm-1cm in length

Step 5. Fill a small pot with soil, stick your finger in to make a small hole about 1 cm deep, place the seed in the hole and gently place dirt around it..Leave a bit of the leaf sticking out

Step 6. Water frequently

During the summer days we left it outdoors.  Once it started to get cooler out, we brought it inside, where it's been ever since, I left it on a window sill in the kids room (warmest room in the house) and I water it almost daily.

A couple months ago 2 new leaves popped through. the roots are starting to pop through the bottom of the pot, so I think it's time to move it to a larger pot.

I'm not sure it' we'll ever get oranges from it?! but, either way, we're happy that we've made it this far.

some sites that ive read on this topic say that we should have fruit in 7-ish years...I don't think I'll believe it until I see it! (I always thought you needed 2 fruit trees in order to have fruit?!)
Our Orange Tree March 18th 2011

Re-potted  I think it's a much happier plant :)

Our newest addition, The Apple Seedling

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