Monday, March 21, 2011

EarthQuake: Being prepared

With everything going on lately in the world I can't say I'm not freaking out a bit. I do live on an island in the "ring of fire"  So, rather then sit here and procrastinate, I finally went out yesterday and got *most* of our earthquake/disaster kit together.
They say to have enough water, food and supplies to last at least 72 hours.

I got
  • 1 large flat of water/juice boxes/apple juice (large)
  • a bunch of canned items (things that don't require adding water) such as chef boyardee, chunky soup, corn, salmon, canned fruit...and I'm sure there's more that Im missing(there was a lot of cans)
  • Dry food, such as granola bars, crackers, cookies, family pack of cereal, goldfish crackers-I bought all pre-packaged ones, incase the box gets wet
  • Candy, and lollipops (i'll have scared kids)
  • Nuts/peanut butter
  • ketchup
I plan on grabbing some pepperoni, and beef jerky also

For items other then food, I grabbed

  • Toilet paper (stuck 2 rolls each in large ziplock baggies)
  • paper towel
  • Can opener
  • Bandaids/polysporin, hydrocortizone cream (sp?)
  • scissors
  • tylenol and advil (kids and adults/gravol/benadryl/sunscrean
  • Flashlight/extra batteries
  • garbage/ziplock/grocery bags
  • Sharpie marker
  • candles
Still plan on grabbing some things like a tarp, matches/lighter, tape, and hats and mitts/ extra socks, toothbrushes/toothpaste..and some more things for our first aid kit...and some water purification tabs

I fit all of this in a medium/large sized tote  I could carry it myself if I had to...

some things Ive also learned the past few days are 'you can use your hot water tank as a source of water, if you still have running water, fill up your tub....

and it's a good thing I have SOME skills...I could build a fire if I had to :)

I labelled my earthquake kit, and I plan on moving it near the front door somewhere where it's not in the way, but should be easy to access if we have to.

Ocean knows what to do if an earthquake strikes, kind of haard to get Alisa to understand...

I feel LOADS better knowing I have my kit together.

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  1. Good on yah, and im very proud and encouraged to be safe and prepared as well.