Friday, March 18, 2011

Home Made Play Dough

well, it could be *more* natural I could have used organic flour, and next time we will!

First I used this recipe

Playdough Recipe

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 tbsp cream of tartar
2 cups water

put in a pot, on med heat and stir stir stir until it becomes 'dough' remove from heat and kneed.

I put about 6 strawberries(cut up fairly small) into a pot and a cup of water (maybe less) boiled it until the water was 'pink/red' (bout 5-10 minutes) then I strained them, put the juice back on the stove and reduced it (about another 10 minutes) cooled it for a few minutes and then added it slowly to the playdough (which I seperated into quarters)(PINK)

I did the same thing with blueberries to make the PURPLE

I used paprika, and coffee to make the brown/orange colours...there isn't much of a difference, and the paprika was a lot harder to mix in then the coffee was...
my future plans are to grab something GREEN and Tumeric to make YELLOW possibly some beats to make the RED darker
update...I went to the store and bought tumeric, mixed it with the ywllowy color and it came out a LOT stronger!! good choice!  someone mentioned to me using oak bark, for brown too.

in order from left to right Coffee Strawberry Blueberry Paprika

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