Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally a sunny day!

ALL of Spring break has rained...and not just a little rain but POURING rain...not only that but the first week of Spring Break we were all sick, especially the kids. So..after having 4 days off from work, and doing absolutely NOTHING fun The sun decided to show her beualtifulness today.  Of course, I had to work...though, not until 12:00 so....Me and the kids went out for a nice walk/bike ride, it was SO nice to get out in the neighbourhood.  We tried taking the kids to the park yesterday but the wind was cold, so it didn't last long. We are going to try and go out tomorrow morning before work as well...since it's supposed to rain all weekend *again*
Then.....we're back to school.
yahoo for Spring

So nice to get outside

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